What makes us different

In a world of detoxes and “magic pills”, it is important to remember what the basics of healthy living are and to start doing productive actions that lead to long-lasting results. We are used to getting things quickly, always looking for the shortcut. Realising that the body needs nurturing and consistency, just like any relationship, is the first step. The second step is wanting to develop that relationship based on a strong WHY (or the goal behind the goal). The third step is making the plan and committing to the actions.

How is ZPT different from other trainers?

Most of the trainers would help you on step three. Which is like building a plan on top of a shaky ground. In Z Personal Training, we go through all the steps, making sure your actions are based on solid grounds, a.k.a behavioural transformation as the stepping stone for long-lasting changes.

Our method is to coach you in movement and lifestyle until you do not need guidance anymore because you have your lifestyle under YOUR control.