Lora Zayn

Once I found an old wish list of mine and one of the points on the list was “Become a personal trainer”. It was funny to me to read that long-forgotten wish list when I was practicing personal training for a while already. I remember that back then it looked as a big dream to be achieved and saw how much my life has changed. Back then I did not realize what the real value of that profession is. My life now has a totally different meaning – to help people improve their lifestyle along with their attitude towards themselves.

I first experienced the positive effects from active physical lifestyle on myself. I have not always been fit, confident and loving myself the way I am now. But exercising triggered that changed. Now, I am happy to hear from my athletes that I am their trigger for life change. We do not just do fun and diverse workout routines with an awesome physical effect, we go together through a journey which changes your lifestyle. We make improvements on eating patterns and you get advice and support on how to cope up with any aspect of your life that might be hindering your progress, such as stress or lack of sleep. You can read about some of the changes people have gone through on my website, and, sign up for a free of charge intake. Take the first step. Let me be your trigger for lifestyle change as well!