Online Lifestyle Coaching 1-on-1 with exercise regimen

Have you been exercising regularly but not seeing the results you like? You feel you cannot reach the level of mental and physical fitness you wish by yourself? Then this program might be for you.

Many people struggle to adapt their healthy lifestyle to the more sedentary environment caused due to the pandemic. “Corona-weight”, anxiety or moody-ness kick in and they are hard to be shaken off. Maybe you workout or go for a run but the weight is still climbing. Maybe you cannot control yourself from eating during the day or at night. Maybe you just do not find the energy and motivation to lift yourself up for a workout. As a result, you keep on going round in circles and the frustration is growing.

Is it worth it to keep on waking up with the same feeling of being unfit and sedentary?

What would it mean to you to wake up feeling fit and healthy? What would it mean to you to have the body that you want and the energy that you need for your life?

This program is for you if:

  • You deal with sedentary lifestyle
  • You like exercising and you have done it in the past but just don’t get the needed motivation to stay consistent
  • You want to include more movement in your life
  • You want to develop a healthy relationship with food
  • You want to stop with emotional eating or eating out of boredom
  • You are ready to take care of yourself and your body
  • You want to create a sustainable lifestyle that yields long-lasting results
  • You want to live in an optimal way, enjoying your life and feeling physically and mentally fit

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for the next “quick fix” or a “magic pill”
  • You cannot look into the future and where you want to be mentally and physically within 3 years from now
  • You are not ready to put in the effort
  • You are a complete beginner and have no experience with fitness (then, please check our Personal Training programs)

This program combines 1 to 1 coaching on your healthy lifestyle with an exercise regimen adapted to your needs and level. What you get is:

  • Your own coach
  • Weekly 30 minute video sessions with your coach (via Zoom or Google Meet)
  • 3 exercise schedules following a logical for you build up (total 12 weeks)
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Behavioural coaching
  • Mindset coaching
  • Food coaching and guidance
  • 5 days a week WhatsApp Support

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Are you excited to rebuild your healthy lifestyle? Book a free of charge intake to see if this is for you.