Get The Legs and Butt You Want

How many of you start the new year with wishes for more health and/or better looking bodies? And how many of you actually succeed? It is hard to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, isn’t it? I am going to tell you why and what are the reasons that make you fail…

There are three reasons people do not get the body they want after New Year:

  • Your goal is not time bound.
    For instance, you can say “This month I am going to the gym twice a week. The month of February, I will go 3 times a week.”
  • You do not have a focus.
    Which part of your body do you want to see improvement in? Do you want to lose weight or do you want to improve your endurance?
  • You start too big.
    As I said in my previous post How to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality , you better start with a goal that is doable or break down your big goal into small milestones. Do not wish for “I want to lose 15 kg in 2 months”. Goals which are very difficult to achieve only bring down your motivation to a point when you decide to quit. And, Quitting = Failing !Most important of all is to START SMALL TODAY ! Instead of start big tomorrow and, then, tomorrow never comes.

So here is my proposition for you: Get the Body That You Want !

I have created a 30 Day Butt & Leg Challenge for you that will totally hook you up.

  • First of all, it is ONLY 30 DAYS so I am more than convinced you can make it.
  • It includes rest days – Yes !
  • You can tailor it according to your level.
  • It tones your entire legs – calves, inner thighs, quads, hamstrings and gluteus.
  • It will help you start small and build up your level.
  • You are going to love the feeling and want more after!Download the 30 Day Butt & Leg Challenge and start small today, but start.

Enjoy your body,