Exclusive BBB Workshop you want to give yourself for Christmas

BBB-workshop-headerWhat is ‘Be In Control of Your Own Body’ BBB workshop?

  • BBB = Buik, Benen, Billen (Belly, Legs, Bun)
  • ‘Be in control of your own body’ is an exclusive workshop for women who want to do the right things to get the body that they want and they deserve.
  • The workshop focuses on lower body – butt, legs, thighs – and flat belly.
  • Scroll down to see what people say about the workshop

Who is this workshop for?

  • The workshop is suitable for women who exercise at home and want to know the best bodyweight exercises.
  • For those women who do not want to spend money on equipment and gym.
  • For those women who lack time to go to the gym.
  • For those women who want to take the best out of both their gym and home workouts.

Do you want to get toned legs and flat belly? Do you want to shred some fat? Do you want to get your workouts to the next level? Do you want to do this without gym or heavy equipment? Then this workshop is for you.

When, where, how much?

Sat., 19 Dec 2015, 10:30am
Address: Demkade Business Center, 3555 HW Utrecht
Price: 35 euro p.p.
Register: lora@zpersonaltraining.nl
Group: 7 people ( very small group!)
Workshop duration: 2 hours.

The workshop consists of:

  • Technique – how to take the best out of the most effective lower body exercises. Many people know they should do squats for toned legs and butt but fail to do it with proper form. Having an improper form, does not load the muscles in the right way, meaning that their efforts do not get results and they are more prone to injuries. Form and technique are the most important compounds of an exercise. Every good rep is a step up. Every bad rep is a step down.
  • Modifications – you will learn how to modify the basic butt and leg exercises in order to intensify your trainings and go to the next level, instead of using gym machines. Without any equipment or with some equipment that you can easily get home, you can put as much stress on your muscles as when being in the gym. And hold on – it can be even more effective! Come to the workshop and you will know why!
  • Secret to a flat belly – too many people are focusing on developing a nice six pack without thinking about the deeper abdominal muscles in your body. The result is lower back pain and no six pack. The deeper abdominal muscles give strength to your core and, therefore, your lower back. Training those muscles is what gives you also a nice flat belly.
  • Combine it with nutrition – the truth about getting toned abs, butt and thighs is combining your training with proper food. Wait! This does not mean being on a strict diet! You will get a leaflet with information. This leaflet is especially designed for the participants of this workshop.


What people say about the workshop?

“Before attending this workshop, I thought the only way to train abs is with crunches! Lora showed us a lot of different variations of the same exercises with different levels of intensity. There was something for everyone. I had no idea I can do so much by myself without any equipment and at home. She also worked with us on the techniques to make sure we can do everything correctly. The workshop is a great solution if you want to train by yourself and need some guidance!” – Kristina Z.

“As a young professional, I am quite busy and always on the run, so going to the gym is not really an option for me. I do want to stay fit and be able to exercise without causing too much disruption to my already hectic daily routine. This workshop was a great opportunity for me to learn the basics of how to properly exercise my legs, thighs and gluteus in a home environment with almost no equipment necessary. During the workshop, I met women who had a similar story to mine and we managed to bond and had a laugh. I have to say that Lora Zayn really made sure everyone got the needed attention to feel more comfortable with the different exercise techniques. Overall, the workshop was a great experience!” – Teodora C.