ImFIT is an 8-week program developed to improve your fitness level, burn calories, make you stronger and help you last longer (endurance) ! The program is suitable for people with different levels of fitness. This is possible because of the interval nature of the workout. Modifications are used where it is possible to cover everybody’s abilities.

Originally, the ImFIT movement was started by Iavor Zayn who has 15 years of experience with martial arts and 10 years of experience with fitness.


“I decided to join the ImFITeam because I was looking for a fun yet effective way to include exercise in my weekly schedule. My motivation was the challenging lower back pain I recently had. Already before the end of the first 8 weeks of training, I could feel myself much more flexible, energetic and a bit more confident in my body skills. Moreover, only in 4 weeks I had lowered my body fat percentage and have put on some muscle (that I could also see!).

It is a small group, so Lora is still able to give individual attention where needed as well as modified exercises, according to your own level. The routines always vary and include a full body intensive work-out. Sometimes Lora also organizes extra activities like nutrition workshops. Lora and the rest of the ImFITeam have inspired me to put down for myself bigger fitness goals than I had anticipated in the beginning.”


“I do the ImFIT trainings next to my own training schedule and I notice a great progress. Even though I do not go every time, I still feel the results when it comes to my conditioning and (lower) BF%. I get very motivated and loaded with ideas how to improve my own training regimen. The whole ImFITeam is very motivating because of the group vibe. Everyone is ready to work hard and we push ourselves to the maximum with the help of Lora.”

We train:
every Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00 , and
every Saturday 10:00 – 11:00
at Majellapark, Utrecht

Price: 10,- / session
Subscriptions for less price are possible.

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